A weekend with Adam and Friends

How excited we are that we will have our dear friend Adam Brozowski back for a workshop full of Balboa and Lindy Hop!

This time, he will bring his friends along to teach:
The gorgeous and talented Máté Csike (HU) will be joining Adam for his Lindy Hop classes.
Balboa, Baby!’s Sandra Hartbach (AT) will be his partner in Shuffle-crime for the Balboa classes.

Sandra Hartbach

Sandra Hartbach

Adam Brozowski

Adam Brozowski

Maté Csike

Máté Csike

When? June 8-9, 2019
Where? Tanzschule Svabek, Liechtensteinstrasse 41-43, 1090 Vienna.


Saturday, June 8: BALBOA-DAY
11:00-13:15 BAL for improvers (intermediate)
14:15-16:30 BAL for serious improvers (advanced)

OPEN PRACTICE Balboa & Lindy Hop with all teachers
(drop-in, € 5,-/person)

Sunday, June 9: LINDY HOP-DAY
11:00-13:15 LINDY HOP for improvers (intermediate)
14:15-16:30 LINDY HOP for serious improvers (advanced)



You can book blocks of 2 hours, up to a total of 8 hours, independent of level or dance. 1 block = 2 hours

Block prices per person
1 block: € 30,- (2h)
2 blocks: € 55,- (4h)
3 blocks: € 80,- (6h)
4 blocks: € 100,- (8h)

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