Blues Workshop “Baby, it’s cold outside”

4 weeks of Blues Workshop at Shuffle Café: Baby, it’s cold outside!
So let’s heat things up inside with 4 Wednesdays of bluesy bliss!

Whether it’s your first steps or you’ve been on the road quite some time now: Come and join us on the pursuit of the Golden Rules of Blues Dancing!
We’ll be focussing on the essence of partnered dancing: connection; we’ll be working on pulsing and posture and we’ll refine your leading/following techniques in order to make dance a conversation between the four of you (yes, four): You, your partner, the music and the space surrounding you.
All the while we’ll expand your movement vocabulary to spice up your dancing.

So nevermind the stormy weather and get your BLUES on!
There will be Social Dancing afterwards. Aspiring Blues Djs out there – feel free to contact us:

Dates: November 11, 18, 25; December 2, 2015; 7.15-8.15 pm
Venue: Shuffle Café @Bar Azul, Postgasse 2, A-1010 Vienna
Costs: 20€