Live Events

What is dancing without live music?

This is why we want to encourage musicians to play manouche swing, dancy jazz and hot stuff in 1930/1940ies-style!

Over the years, we organised more than 20 concerts, with both little-known and more famous musicians and bands – including concerts within the International Accordion Festival Vienna!

Live gigs in the previous years:

Here is an overview of bands:

  • Glenn Crytzer Sexter (USA)
  • Yamandu Fuchs Quartett (DE/AT)
  • Tom And The Cats feat. Lilli Kern (AT)
  • The Flying Family Guys (AT)
  • Fats Jazz Band (SK)
  • Monsieur Pompadour (DE)
  • Belle Affaire Quartet/ Double Jeu (AT)
  • Herby & The Mudcats (AT)
  • The Cotton Lickers feat. Milos Todorovsky (AT)
  • Harlemania! (CZ)
  • The Hep Gents (AT)
  • Prague Quartet Manouche (CZ)
  • Rock Me Balboa (AT)
  • The Slörf Cäts (AT)
  • UrCoolele Trio (AT)
  • Vienna Big Band Project (feat. Carole Alston) (AT)
  • Wilfer Consort (AT)