Still Winter Blues Vienna 2015

28.02./01.03.2015, Vienna/Austria
Teacher: Jered Morin (US)

Jered is back in town!
Enjoy a hot week-end full with 6 hours of Blues and have fun with Jered Morin!
This workshop is a one-level workshop – also open to Blues newbies!

Workshop Schedule:

Friday, 27.02.2015:
20:00: Blues Taster with Lisa and Jered (at the Jitterbug Swing Party)
21:00: SWING PARTY with a Blues Floor and DJ Marc D’Olimpio
at Jitterbug Swing Party: Schwarzberg, 
Schwarzenbergplatz 10, 1040 Vienna
Entrance: € 10,- (participants have *free* entrance!)

Saturday, 28.02.2015:
11:00-11:30 Registration
11:30-13:00 Blues Workshop
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-15:30 Blues Workshop

Blueberry Jam
Saturday party:
20:00: Doors, DJ Cooltrain and DJ Gooferdust
ca. 21:00: LIVE: Blueberry Jam
(Clara Montocchio (voice), Gerhard Buchegger (piano))
at WUK Statt Beisl, Währinger Straße 59, 1090 Vienna
WUK Statt-Beisl
Free entrance, but please donations for the Live Band are highly appreciated.

Sunday, 01.03.2015:
11:30-13:00 Blues Workshop
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-15:30 Blues Workshop

Workshop topics:
Let’s Party! Vintage Juke Joint Moves Rhythms, turns, and partnering skills for a real Blues party: get in the groove with a collection of rhythmic variations and connection types. The perfect class for new dancers or Advanced Blues dancers who want to improve their essential techniques.

Leverage and Tension: We’ll explore how to ”use” your partner — both Leads & Follows actively creating tension and stretch — to create new patterns with a great feeling. In Blues, this tension and stretch is very different from any other dance; what is that difference, and how can we use it to add more musicality/styling?

Fun’n’Loose (The Blues Choreography): Put your feet, legs, hips, belly, chest, arms and even your head into this fun routine that has your whole body in motion, learning how to have a better freedom of movement, while diving deep into the Blues tradition!

Expanding the Close Position: Want to be more comfortable when close to your partner, and more creative? We’ll study proper connection technique, appropriate body positioning, plus cool moves & hot styling initiated by Leads AND Follows too (even in close the Follow has a big role in the Blues!)

Workshop Venue:
Kremsergasse 19, A-1130 Vienna

Workshop Fee: € 65.-

About Jered Morin:
From numerous TV appearances, performing in major symphony halls, and a busy travel schedule, Jered Morin is an international figure in Blues and other Afro-American dances.
With almost two decades of training, performing, and judging competitions, you can find him the majority of the year traveling around the globe.
His work as a Choreographer has also been presented before Frankie Manning, at dance competitions, and on theatre stages with large acclaim.
It is through his extensive study of the history, culture, and body movement, that he shares with his students how to create something expressive and – even more so – impressive on the dance floor.
In the classroom, both Leaders and Followers find an equal focus on what they can bring to their dancing to truly capture the Afro-American spirit and joy.
From breaking down powerful technique, to coaxing out your personal style, students find that being in a class with Jered brings them to a higher level.