Vive Le Balboa!

Le Week-End Balboa avec Céline et Edgar Cavasa

October 19-20, 2019

We were very happy to welcome the very talented, sympathetic Céline and Edgar from France for a tiny week-end of Balboa:

Céline has been dancing since childhood in lead and follow, and has been teaching since the age of 19. Historian and anthropologist student at university, she finally found in swing and particularly in balboa a universe, a mode of expression and communication that suits to her: technical, twirling, rich, multiple. Its detours through the world of Argentine tango and blues have complemented the dance and teaching style of this jack-of-all-trades.
Edgar was born into a family of dancers and musicians, but he has instead branched out into high performance sports, especially martial arts and American football. He only starts dancing when he meets Céline in 2015, but his technicality, rigor, tenacity, and generosity make him the ideal partner in a few months, and he teaches in September 2016.
Céline and Edgar are known for their Balboa, Pure Bal, Balswing classes, always based on the “Old School” style they love, and revisited with technical and contemporary fantasy. First of all, they really love social dance (invite them on the dancefloor!), but they also like to challenge theirselves in competition, and their semi-explosive mid-tender duo has won the almost unanimous approval on public and judges on European renowned competitions (2nd place Open Classic EBF) 2018, 1st place Open Classic BOTP 2019).

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What will you learn?
There will be a total of 6 hours of classes (3 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday).
Saturday is dedicated to Pure Balboa; Sunday is all about BalSwing, Turns and *drumroll* – Jumps.
Classes will be held in English.

What about the level?
The level of the class content will be defined by you:
We encourage all dancers who love Balboa, have some experience (usually referred to as “intermediate”) but love to learn to attend this week-end. If more dancers who consider them more “advance” attend, then the level will be more challenging. It’s all up to you.

Dates and Venue
When? October 19-20, 2019
Where? Tanzschule Svabek, Liechtensteinstrasse 41-43, 1090 Vienna.


Saturday, October 19: PURE BALBOA-DAY
13:00-16:00 PURE BALBOA inspired by Balboa Oldtimers
(there will be a break in between classes defined by the group, therefore the classes will end around 16:15/16:30).
Sunday, October 20: BALSWING-DAY
13:00-16:00 BALSWING Special with Rotations and Jumps
(there will be a break in between classes defined by the group, therefore the classes will end around 16:15/16:30).

Registration is closed – however, if you are a LEADER who wants to join, use the contact form to ask for registration.