Laminu/Slow Swing Classes

You want to “Entschleunigen your life”? Then learn how to dance to Slow Swing music!
If the music is really slow, you should try Laminu: This is an exceptional, elegant dance that provides you with the skills to swing it to slow tempo. Laminu is a sibling of Balboa from the late 1940ies and kind of an orphan dance – only very few people are still dancing Laminu, and Balboa, Baby! is one of the superfew who offer classes.
If the music is slow, but you almost want to do a Lindy to it, then Slow Balboa is your friend! This is a slow version of Balboa – hence the name – and can be danced to not-so-slow, but still mellow Swing music.

Next dates – FALL 2022:

New Beginner Class
LAMINU for Fussgänger
This is for dancers who are new to Slow Swing dancing and want to learn how to Laminu – and also for VBLE 2023 Laminu Beginners.
This is the only regular Laminu class in Europe!
Tuesday, 20.15 – 21.15: November 15 – December 6, 2022 (4 lessons)

Some notes:

  • Groups limited to 6 couples!
  • Partner switching is typically what we do, but will be decided by the group
  • Registration as couples highly preferred
  • each partner to register separately

Note: If you do not have a partner, please send us an e-mail or make a comment in your registration!

Admission: € 40,-/person for 4-weeks

Location: Tanzschule Svabek, Liechtensteinstraße 41, A-1090 Vienna (find it here)

What is required?
Total Beginner-Level:
Bring yourself, your interest in the dance – and preferably a partner, as this is a partnered dance! Oh – an please bring clean dancing shoes (ladies: avoid wearing flat shoes).

Continued classes – mixed level:
You have your basics in Laminu/Slow Swing Dancing and want to improve.

So what does Laminu look like? Here’s the VBLE 2022 Teacher’s demo from Sandra and Axel:

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(each partner to register separately – bitte jeder einzeln anmelden!)

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