Level and Track Descriptions

Level Descriptions

Walker (I)
Imagine you just learned to walk and now want to explore the road – then this is for you!
This level would generally by referred to as “total beginner”-level – for dancers with no or very little experience.

Hiker (II)
You enjoy to hike through forests and already discovered higher grounds. To walk on a hill once and a while is something you like, however you prefer to go back to flat again in order to catch your breath.
This usually refers to an intermediate level – so you are not a total beginner, but are fine with the basic dancing vocabulary of Balboa and/or Laminu and enjoy dancing these dances whenever you can.

Climber (III)
You already have a good technique to survive in the wild, and you are not afraid of the work and sweat that comes with climbing up that steep hill. Your virtues: perseverance and inquisitiveness. And you love it.
This usually refers to an intermediate/advanced level – you have gained quite an amount of Balboa and/or Laminu dancing experience and want to push yourself further, fearless of new challenges.

Free Climber (IV) – Balboa Only
This level is for you if you are a more advanced dancer with solid technique and firm skills – regardless of how long you’ve been dancing. You can apply for this level, but not directly register, as your dancing skills will be evaluated by the teachers for admittance to this level. The audition will take place on Friday between 20.30-21.00 at Tanzschule Schwebach. Oh, and this level is limited to 10 couples.

Please note that for all levels, teachers will perform a short evaluation of the participant’s dance skills at the beginning of each class to make sure everyone is in the right level.
VBLE Teachers are entitled to ask dancers to switch level if required – this will make sure that our participants have a maximum benefit of the class content. So if you are asked to attend a different level, please respectfully comply, as this is not meant in a negative way.

Track descriptions

Full Track

This all-inclusive track includes all Balboa and Slow classes (level of your choice), social activities, the Balboa Rueda, the VBLE Brunch and all parties.

Single Track

This all-inclusive track includes Balboa OR Slow classes (level of your choice), social activities, the Balboa Rueda (for Balboa Single Track), the VBLE Brunch and all parties.

Party Pass

This includes all parties (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and Social Activities and can be optionally booked with or without the VBLE Brunch.