Hot’n’Sweat Blues Vienna 2014

26 – 27 July 2014, Vienna/Austria
Teacher: Jered Morin (US)

Enjoy a hot week-end full with 6 hours of Blues and have fun with Jered Morin!

Workshop Schedule:

Friday, 25.07.2014:
20:00: BLUES PARTY at Bar Azul

Saturday, 26.07.2014:
10:30-11:00 Registration
11:00-12:30 Blues Workshop
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-15:00 Blues Workshop

Saturday workshop topics:
Blues Rhythms: Expand (or learn for the first time) your base of Blues rhythms to shine — with any partner, any song, any style!

Ballroomin’ Blues I : Essential Skills
Out from the classic 1940s center of Lindy Hop, the Savoy Ballroom, came a Blues that is smooth, graceful, and flowy. This is your chance to learn a style which is highly expressive, and extremely popular.

Ballroomin’ Blues II : How to Impress
Command the floor and step boldly – we accelerate into high-gear with effortless-looking transitions in & out of moves that make the dance sizzle!

Saturday party at WUK Statt Beisl, Währinger Straße 59,1090 Wien
20:00: WUK Statt-Beisl with DJ Cool Train
21:00: TASTER CLASS with JERED MORIN: Sunset Shuffle: The Vintage 1940’s Swing Dance
When Balboa was cool in California, Sunset Shuffle was cool in Dallas Texas! It’s fast.. It swings. It feels soft as velvet. Plus, it mixes well into Lindy Hop and Balboa. With your partner pressed close, you’ll be spinning and sliding easily around the dance floor to the fastest songs!

Sunday, 27.07.2014:
11:00-12:30 Blues Workshop
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-15:00 Blues Workshop

Sunday workshop topics:
Ballroomin Blues III : Fusing Sunset Shuffle
(No Sunset Shuffle experience needed) From 1940s New York to 1940s Texas, we blend these two classic styles together to create Blues that is even more explosive and travels smoothly across the entire dance floor.

Full Body Blues I : Solo
This challenging class will take everything you do to the next level! Your Lead–Follow skills increase when you add polyrhythms that are powerful, connected, and more faithful to the roots of Blues.

Full Body Blues II : Partnered
Continue the challenge to improve your Lead–Follow skills as we apply these Afro-American dance techniques to our partnership to create better connection and look.

Workshop Venue:
Tanzschule Roman E. Svabek
Judenplatz 5, A-1010 Vienna

Workshop Fee: € 65.-

About Jered Morin:
From numerous TV appearances, performing in major symphony halls, and a busy travel schedule, Jered Morin is an international figure in Blues and other Afro-American dances.
With almost two decades of training, performing, and judging competitions, you can find him the majority of the year traveling around the globe.
His work as a Choreographer has also been presented before Frankie Manning, at dance competitions, and on theatre stages with large acclaim.
It is through his extensive study of the history, culture, and body movement, that he shares with his students how to create something expressive and – even more so – impressive on the dance floor.
In the classroom, both Leaders and Followers find an equal focus on what they can bring to their dancing to truly capture the Afro-American spirit and joy.
From breaking down powerful technique, to coaxing out your personal style, students find that being in a class with Jered brings them to a higher level.