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Special of the day: Party Pass: € 30,- for all 3 parties

All parties are open to public - single tickets available at the door.
Friday, 17.03.2017: VBLE 2017 SAY HELLO PARTY
The Little Street Charmers (SI)




The Little Street Charmers (SI)

Little street charmers are a New Orleans style street band playing swing music
from the 20's and 30's as well as their own compositions. They are the travelling
version of the Ljubljana based band Počeni Škafi, just wilder, crazier and more

Surely, they are a band that needs to be experienced, capable of
making you dance for as long as your legs can hold you.


DJ Chrisbe (CH)


Christian Bossert aka DJ Chrisbe, from Zurich, Switzerland, is a well known and popular Swing DJ, spinning at international dance workshops, camps and events throughout Europe and overseas.
Beside DJ’ing, Chrisbe is a passionate Lindy Hop and Balboa dancer, Swing dance instructor and event organizer.
Chrisbe’s goal is to play music which creates a vibrant and enticing atmosphere.

Since 2006, he has been spinning for Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues crowds throughout Europe and abroad, such as European Swing Dance Championships, Herräng, Lindy Shock, The Snowball, Balboa Castle Camp, Studio Hop Summer Camp, Frenchie Balboa Festival and All Balboa Weekend.
Be prepared to hear both classics and unusual tunes guaranteed to make you smile.
DJ Anton Cervin (SE)


Anton Cervin aka DJ Anton
Anton has been dancing and DJing in the Lund/Malmö/Copenhagen area since 2002, and has gradually turned into a collector and connoisseur of classic swing music from the 1930s and 40s. He likes to play big-band music with a driving beat that keeps the dancers’ feet moving all night long.

Anton pays special attention to audio quality and is always on the lookout for better-sounding remasters of the old classics and new rarities.

He has previously DJed at HepCat City Camp, CopHop, Lindy Hops the Atlantic, Malmö Spring Jump, The Revival, Minor Swing, Lindy Shock, Copenhagen Swing Challenge, Copenhagen Lindy Exchange, and Herräng Dance Camp.

Party venue:   
Tanzschule Schwebach, Maculangasse 1B, 1220 Vienna   (Click here to locate the venue)

Admission: € 12,- (included for VBLE participants)
Start: 20:30, Live Music starts around 21:00

Saturday, 18.03.2017: VBLE 2017 Camp Party
Harlemania (CZ)THEY ARE BACK!

Harlemania! (CZ)

How we loved the genuine, original sound of this beautiful Big Band back at VBLE 2014!

The orchestra HARLEMANIA emerged in 2011 from the tediously dozing jazz scene in Prague, Czech Republic.

Though the idea was inevitably levitating in the mists of the great music minds of the city for a long time, the final nudge came one day when the band leader realised that he had to wrench himself free from the soul destroying everydayness of life in a suburban. He bought some junk git box and then convinced some other desperate fellows to become hipsters of the day and start this whole baloney.
DJ Chrisbe
DJ Chrisbe (CH)

DJ Anton
DJ Anton Cervin (SE)

Party venue:   
Skydome, Schottenfeldgasse 29, A-1070 Vienna   (Click here to locate the venue)

Admission: € 18,- (included for VBLE participants)

20:30: DJs
21:00 c.t.: Live Music

Sunday, 19.03.2017: VBLE 2017 Farewell Party
couple,love,photography,vintageBefore it's time for a happy snore, let's have a final dance!

Enjoy the closing night with our Camp DJs:
DJ ChrisBe and DJ Anton

Party venue:   
Bar Azul, Postgasse 2/passage way, A-1010 Vienna   (Click here to locate the venue)

Admission: € 3,- (included for VBLE participants)
Start: 20:30