Vienna Balboa & Laminu Experience 2023

Save the date: March 24-26, 2023
Welcome to our 9th edition of the Vienna Balboa & Laminu Experience!

A familial, cozy week-end with dance classes (Balboa, Laminu, Slow Balboa), parties featuring live music and shellac/78rpm DJs, a sunday brunch and socialising.

Unique features:

  • the ONLY week-end event featuring LAMINU
  • analogue music only: all music during parties at the Vienna Balboa & Laminu Experience offers is analogue – this means that there will be either Live Music or music from original 78rpm/Shellac records.
  • special warm atmosphere

Teaching Staff:

  • Mickey Fortanasce & Natalia Rueda (USA, CAN/NL)
  • Lucía Galiana & Javi Zurdo (ES)
  • Dan Guest & Nikki Durrant (UK)
  • Axel Schwarz & Sandra Hartbach (AT)

Musical Guests:

Bratislava Hot Serenaders (SK)
Bratislava Hot Serenaders (SK)

Camp Shellac DJ:
DJ Stephan Wuthe (DE)

Camp Shellac DJ Stephan Wuthe (DE)


Review – this was VBLE 2022! Thank you all for participating. Enjoy the videos and the gallery:

VBLE 2022 Group Photo

VBLE 2022 - Group Photo

VBLE 2022 Teacher’s Demos

Dan and Nikki: Laminu

Abigail and Adam, Céline and Edgar: Balboa

Sandra and Axel: Laminu

VBLE 2022 Gallery