Swing DJs with 78rpm-Shellacs

Meet your Shellac DJs: Axel Schwarz and Sandra Hartbach
Yes, we are Swing DJs, playing music from original Shellacs/78rpms!

The main reason we started with Swing Dancing was that we simply loved the Swing music of the 1930/40ies.
The typical Big Bang sound of Benny Goodman made us very happy, the clarinet of Sidney Bechet brought us goosebumps, and the guitar of Django Reinhardt made our souls warm.

As a logical consequence, we started to buy and collect music electronically and to share our passion while DJing back in 2016.

Now, we took the next step: collecting and DJing with the original old records (78rpm or Shellacks).

Since then, Sandra Hartbach and Axel Schwarz have been DJing for Swing dance events, Viennese Balls (Juristenball, Pharmacieball), the Vienna Phonomuseum and private events – and love to share their passion on every occasion.


Donnerstag, 02.05.2024, 18:30-20:40: Swing Die Schellacks – Live im Wiener Phonomuseum

Swing' Die Schellacks im Wiener Phonomuseum
Dieses Mal widmen wir uns einem etwas weniger “leichtem” Thema: Swing im 2. Weltkrieg – musikalische Botschaften für die Hörerschaft in den Weltkriegsjahren.
Ein Abend mit Musik von Original-Schellack-Platten, aufgelegt von Axel Schwarz und Sandra Hartbach.
Es kann getanzt werden!

Eintritt frei – Spenden erbeten
Das Wiener Phonomuseum bereitet Kleinigkeiten zum Essen und Trinken für Sie!

Date and Time: Thursday/Donnerstag, 02.05.2024
18:30 – 20:30

YOU CAN BOOK US FOR YOUR EVENT: Send us your booking request to sandra(@)balboa-baby.at if you are interested in making your event special!


Without our dear friend Stephan Wuthe, we’d possibly never have tried – but here we are now, with a not-so-small collection of great, dancy records that we occasionally bring with us, together with our hardware equipment, to play the music of the days with the unique sound of original records.

What makes a 78rpm records so special:
– they are old, i.e. from the 1930/40ies
– they are made from Shellack, a very hard, resistent material that – in comparison with vinyl – breaks easily
– they turn rather fast on your turntables 🙂
– the sound information on a 78rpm is unique. Provided you have the right equipment, you have far more sound information that leads to a fuller, better sound. The crackles you typically hear are often due to the age as such, the usage of the records and sometimes the equipment.
– you will find only one song on each side.

We will work on this section continuously – this is just to let you know more about our new passion.

** Extract of Past DJing events **


Swing Die Schellacks – Live im Wiener Phonomuseum
Lindy Quest VII, Innsbruck
SWING’ DIE SCHELLACKS! Hot Jazz im Phonomuseum Wien
Schellack-Disco am Juristenball Wien (Künstlerzimmer/Hofburg)
Silent Baulückentanz mit Balboa, Baby! (following a concert by Marina & The Kats)
SWING’ DIE SCHELLACKS! Hot Jazz im Phonomuseum Wien
Shellac Night at Shuffle Café Vienna
Shellacs at Shuffle Café Vienna 7. Birthday
Schellack-Disco am Ball der Pharmacie Wien (Ceremoniensaal/Hofburg)
SWING’ DIE SCHELLACKS! Hot Jazz im Phonomuseum Wien